School & Work Experience

Connie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS).

Connie is co-owner of Locomachine Technologies, LLC, providing web development, hosting, and computer consulting services. She is also known as The Lightbody Tailor, offering workshops, classes, and private sessions in Alternative Healing Arts.  Her company, Life Mastery Alignment, offers DreamBuilder® Life Coaching techniques to bring joy, fulfillment, and success to those willing to put for the effort and courage to change.

Having an entrepreneur’s spirit, Connie has enjoyed varied careers and accomplishments. While in high school she made money creating clothing and leather articles that she supplied to local boutique shops. Between high school and college she worked as an HVAC Ductwork Estimator at her father’s business.

After receiving training as a dressmaker and tailor at Madison Area Community College (MATC), she opened a custom drapery business in Lake Mills, WI. Later she returned to school at MATC to take accounting and computer programming courses, and then transferred to Edgewood College (Madison) where she received her Computer Information Systems degree.

During her College years, Connie represented Edgewood as a board member on the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) for collective bargaining.

In the past, Connie has held positions in the following areas: Inventory Control, HVAC Estimator, Computer Network Help Desk, Information Security Officer, Computer Programmer Analyst, and Computer Software Trainer.

In 2017, Connie ran for the political office of EPCC Board of Trustees. She found the experience to be quite an eye-opener into the world of politics.

Currently Connie spends most of her time as a Life Coach and Alternative Healer, offering classes and workshops on a variety of metaphysical subjects. She is fascinated with subjects that transcend physical matter and our current understandings of the laws of nature.